Chicago, IL | The (Deep) Dish on Chicago Food Planet

Last weekend was my first time ever in Chicago, visiting my friend Kristyn who moved there about a month ago. I’d wanted to go several times before, including last fall, when my cousin Em ran the marathon. With my luck, of course the marathon was the same weekend as a wedding I was in. Neither party would reschedule, so I chose the wedding. Since it took me so long to get to Chicago, I knew I had to make the most of it when I finally arrived.

NYC | Take Your Dad to the City Day

When I was in middle school, a friend of my dad’s called the house and asked me to tell my dad that he had called. I forgot to tell my dad, probably because I was too busy working on my ‘N Sync website, and it turned out his friend was going to ask him to go to The Late Show with David Letterman with him. Being from the sticks of Jersey and not being able to imagine at the time that I would ever even *go* to New York, I felt awful. My dad doesn’t remember that this even happened.

September 2012 Recap

While the rest of you were settling into Football season, I was just settling into September. The month started off as all autumns do, with one more awesome weekend at home with the family on the beach. I am seriously so lucky to have the best family and neighbors and friends in the world.

NYC & DC | What’s More American than DC & Pizza?

I have a confession to make. This weekend I cheated on NYC with another city. I know this is shocking, but I couldn’t keep it hidden. I spent the weekend in Washington D.C. with my sister and our friend Jessica who lives down there. And, listen, I loved it! Please don’t hold this against me. I was still able to find a little touch of NYC in DC. Check out who I found hanging out at Eastern Market: