Italy | 5 Movies to Watch Before Traveling to Rome

Rome is a magical place where magical things happen. There are few modern cities with so much ancient history. There are few cities with such history that also have some of the most iconic food in the world. There are few cities with as many opportunities to make wishes in fountains or in churches. Hollywood clearly feels the same way that I do about the eternal city. Here are some of my favorite (and one not-so-favorite) movies that have featured Rome, not just as a setting, but as another character:

Rome, Italy | I’m Italy-ing You to Visit Small Churches in Rome

Before we traveled to Italy, I made my traditional spreadsheet of places to visit and eat, all recommended by friends and fellow travel bloggers. One woman I didn’t even ask for advice kept telling me that there would be a church on every corner, but not to waste my time with them. She wanted to only talk about St. Peter’s Basilica and said that nothing else was worth going to. I had a feeling that this woman and I would not travel well together, so I made a note to ignore her advice.

Top Travel Posts of 2013

In addition to my aforementioned incredible year with New York City, in 2013 I got to explore the world further. In recent years, I’ve only taken one small trip a year: St. Thomas a few times, London, Amsterdam. This year I took two bigger trips and I don’t want to stop anytime soon.

Rome, Italy | When you Wish in Front of a Fountain

I’m not exactly superstitious, but I am a *little* stitious. I don’t really avoid bad luck, by staying away from cracks in the sidewalks, black cats, or ladders, but I do try to enhance my good luck. I wear my birthstone, sometimes pick up lucky pennies, and never miss a chance to make a wish. My mom always told my sister and I that anytime you’re in a new house of worship, you can make a wish.

Italy | Treat Yo’Self

Before we went to Italy last month, everyone kept raving about the gelato. Our frousin Kara told us to eat it twice a day. We didn’t quite follow Kara’s rules to a tee, but we did eat a sufficient amount.