New Orleans, LA | The 5 Best Sandwiches in NOLA {or} “(Sand) Wich You Were Here!”

New Orleans is famous for its Po’ Boys – sub-like sandwiches on French bread, traditionally filled to the brim with fried seafood or roast beef. Over MLK weekend, a friend and I took a trip to Louisiana, mainly with a mission to gain a few pounds. I had six Po’ Boy places highlighted on the NOLA list, but I had no idea what other kinds of amazing sandwiches we would encounter while in the Big Easy.

Philadelphia | Which Cheesesteak Takes the Cake?

While walking through Philly these days, you’re bound to see a “Philly’s Best Cheesesteak” sign every 15 feet. Even with the abundance of options, I wanted to try the old-school cheesesteak challenge on my trip to Philly last month – Pat’s vs. Geno’s.