NYC | Getting Hooked on Red Hook, Brooklyn

I’m leaving New York City this week. I’ve been here for seven years and there’s still so much I haven’t done. I haven’t eaten a Cronut. I haven’t performed with my guitar at an open-mic night. I haven’t auditioned for a Broadway play. And until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t been to Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Guadeloupe | 3 Must-Have Dining Experiences

While my family and I may not have spent as much time in Guadeloupe as we wish we had, we were able to fit in a variety of activities and experiences in our few days there. And when I travel, a lot of the experiences tend to be food-related. We ate some great meals at our hotels – the Langley Resort Fort Royal and Auberge de la Vieille – but we also explored the food scene a bit outside. Here are three of our favorite dining experiences:

Los Angeles, CA | A Sunset in Manhattan Beach

I live in Manhattan. And for the most part, I love this Manhattan. But sometimes it’s hard. Like when it’s February. And rainy. And the 6 train is late every. single. day. And the wind is so wild that you think your air conditioner might fall right out of your 5th-floor-walkup living room window. And you have to keep that air conditioner in the window all year round because (1) you can’t control the raging temperature of your heaters and (2) you have no room to put the air conditioner if you take it out of the window because your apartment is the size of three office cubicles.

Philadelphia | Show Me Your Mussels

Earlier this year when Katie, Jess, and I met in Philly and went with our parents to the Pompeii exhibit at the Franklin Institute, we also enjoyed a fantastic lunch at Monk’s Cafe. Monk’s is a “Belgian Beer Emporium & Restaurant” famous for its mussels. It’s not a big place and we were very lucky to get their only table that would fit our group of seven. Here’s how to have a successful lunch at Monk’s:

New Orleans, LA | What I Miss Most {The Chargrilled Oysters!}

By now you may be tired of me still writing about my trip to New Orleans earlier this year, but I really felt one with the city. I’ve already written about all the amazing sandwiches we ate, the incredible bars we spent time in, and the fantastic cemetery tour we went on. And I enjoyed even more of the city than what I’ve written about – the beignets, the blue skies, and the bands in the streets. But what I’ve missed the absolute most is chargrilled (also called charbroiled) oysters. Two months later, I cannot stop thinking about them.

NYC | Crabby Pants

My love for shellfish stems from six summers working on the Jersey Shore in a seafood restaurant that was best known for the giant inflatable crab on its roof. Since I’ve moved to New York, one of the things on my to-do list has been to find good seafood. So far, nothing has called out to me too much. Yes, I’ve had oysters at Jazz Standard, peeky-toe crab appetizers at ABC Kitchen, and seafood in pasta in a thousand different Italian places, but none of these really made me feel like it was home. What I needed was a place where I could get really messy and cut up while cracking crabs open with my bare hands.