India | Mysore from Bangalore

Just a day after our successful morning at Nandi Hills, Lauren (another Leave UR Mark volunteer) and I ventured off on another day trip – this time to Mysore. We knew there were several buses a day from Bangalore so without any planning, we took an auto rickshaw to the bus station to buy tickets. Communication was tough at the ticket window so we weren’t sure if we had the correct tickets or bus until a man standing outside the bus started to yell “Mysore, Mysore, Mysore” in a sing-song voice for the next 15 minutes. The ride took 3 hours and we arrived just in time for lunch.

NYC | Getting Hooked on Red Hook, Brooklyn

I’m leaving New York City this week. I’ve been here for seven years and there’s still so much I haven’t done. I haven’t eaten a Cronut. I haven’t performed with my guitar at an open-mic night. I haven’t auditioned for a Broadway play. And until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t been to Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Austin, TX | Boots, Walkin’, & More

If you read my first post about Austin, Texas {Something to Taco-bout}, you might think that the only thing my cousins, sister, and I did there was eat. We certainly ate A LOT for one weekend, but we did so much more than just stuff our faces.

NYC | Bookin’ It

Getting your books at Strand Bookstore is about as NYC as sharing a eyebrow raise and a smile with a cute stranger re: the old lady in front of you yelling at no one in particular about gloves. I had never gone to Strand until this past week, despite it being a short walk from my apartment. Aubrey put this item on my 28 Things list. She is an expert in cute little bookshops around the city, but Strand is pretty much the crème de la crème.

NYC | Sweet like Candy to my Soul

I have an extreme sweet tooth. A day is not complete without half a tray of brownies, seven or eight Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, or a package of Lifesavers gummies. Don’t worry, I’m actually starting to eat heathier, although I need to take a break this weekend for one of my 28 Things challenges. Last weekend I took a break as well because when Kat heard that I had never been to Dylan’s Candy Bar, she was appalled so I had to redeem myself and put it on the list.

NYC | FNO 2012: A Fashion Don’t

The gals from work and I had *so* much fun at Fashion’s Night Out last year. We waited in front of Dash to catch a glimpse of Kim Kardashian (sorry), went to tons of stores’ parties in Soho, and were pretty well fed with appetizers and champagne all night long.

NYC | Yay Holiday Visitors!

Yesterday, Caitlin, Tyler, and I played “tour guide” to some of our friends from school who came up for the day. It was super fun and filled with lots of walking, holiday decorations, and good food (Caitlin always knows *the best* places to get special treats). Julie had two goals of the day, 1) to get Bobby to repropose to her in front of the tree in Rockefeller Center in front of strangers (lol) and 2) go ice skating – which, if you remember, is also on *my* holiday to-do list. Unfortunately, neither of these goals was achieved. Bobby respectfully refused to repropose and we ran into ridiculously long lines at all the ice rinks.

NYC | Shopping Malls are Inside for a Reason…

I don’t have any of my Christmas shopping finished yet. I just *don’t* know what to get all the wonderful people in my life!!! I want to shower them with turtle doves and diamond rings, but I just can’t find anything I really love for them. So today I made the awesome decision on the coldest day of the year so far (is this factual? feels like it) to go check out the outdoor holiday markets in Union Square and Columbus Circle. BAD MOVE! It is way too cold outside to be checking out booths and booths of jewelry, candles, and animal-shaped winter hats (which are pretty freaking cool, let’s be real here).

NYC | A Pop Tart by Any Other Name…

Today, Nicole, Dave, and I decided to go to Pop Tarts World in Times Square. Yes, you read that correctly. Someone, somewhere, thought this was a good idea. The store is located on 42nd, in between Broadway and 6th.