NYC | Falling Slowly at Once the Musical

A few weeks ago, Kat and I went to see Once The Musical for Broadway Week (2-for-1 tickets!) and I’ve been thinking about it ever since for a few reasons: (1) because 5% of me is an aspiring singer-songwriter just like one of the main characters, delightfully referred to as “Guy” in the Playbill (2) because 65% of me is a hopeless romantic, similar to the other main character, “Girl” (3) because the story and music is absolutely beautiful. I downloaded the soundtrack the very night I saw the musical and have been listening to “Falling Slowly” on repeat ever since. The version here features the original cast, Steve Kazee and Cristin Milioti (the mother of HIMYM and who I once saw perform at UCB).

NYC | Dear Diary, Today I Saw a Boy

Please refer to Britney Spears’ classic love song, “Dear Diary,” if you are not familiar with this post title. It’s okay if you can’t make it past the first 30 seconds, I sincerely understand.

NYC | This is my Sorry for 2013

I was told I should lead with Ruben Studdard, that he was the most exciting part of this story. I inadvertantly left out this important detail at first when gabbing with my girlfriends at brunch last week about Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater. This task was suggested for my 28 Things by David (who accompanied me to The Moth).

NYC | Don’t Listen to a Word I Say

I’ve been introduced to many new artists over the last few weeks, including the incredible Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men – you may know their singles “Little Talks” or “Mountain Sounds”. I had been listening to their Pandora station almost exclusively for about a week when a friend got free tickets to their concert so I definitely wanted to go.

NYC | Dying is Easy, Comedy is Hard

NYC is expensive. No one will argue this, especially not me as I just signed a new apartment lease (yay!). But, just as I believe the city tries to make up for urban life by bringing us suburban experiences, it also tries to make up for the cost of living by offering tons of free events. One of these free events is every Sunday night at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). Another is Summer Stage in Central Park, which recently featured UCB.

NYC | How Do You, How Do You Sleep?

As I described in this post, I really don’t like being scared. But it’s not like I feel scared on the subway at night, it’s more that I’m scared of spooky things like ghosts or mummies chasing me. One of the things on my 28 Things list is a little more nervewracking than other items because I expected to be terrified by it, a performance of Sleep No More, suggested by Dan.

NYC | Harry Potter and the City that Never Sleeps

I didn’t anticipate when I started this blog that I would actually have a Harry Potter label as a way to organize my posts, but after the third blogpost about HP, I figure it’s actually useful. After all, in NYC I have experienced THE QUIDDITCH WORLD CUP and a display of props and costumes from the movies at Discovery Times Square.

NYC | A Poem Lovely as a Tree

Working hard on my 28,
I cannot – will not – finish late, So for my second task, My friend Brad I did ask, Great ideas he did give, For the New York life I want to live

NYC | Live, From New York

I’ve been watching Saturday Night Live every week since I was in high school, minus a hiatus in college when I didn’t have a VCR or DVR and actually had things to do on Saturday nights. I have to completely disagree with everyone who says that it’s not that funny anymore (and for some reason, lots of people say that without actually watching it). I think the cast in recent years has been incredible (hello?! Tina?! Jimmy?! Amy?!) and my favorites on the current cast are the fabulous Kristen Wigg, the adorable Seth Meyers, and my future husband, Andy Samberg (seriously, if anyone knows how to set this up, I’m down).

NYC | Home to Avenue Q

On Wednesday night, Kat and I went to see “Avenue Q”, the off-Broadway play which, while on Broadway, won the Tony award for best musical in 2004. I was excited to go because I hadn’t seen a play since “The Book of Mormon” in April, which I neglected to write about because I think I’m the only person in the world who didn’t think it was the best play ever.

NYC | I’d Catch a Grenade for Ya

This past Wednesday, I found myself with nothing to do after work (gasp) and I couldn’t just come home and relax so I looked on StubHub to see if anyone had any theatre tickets for sale. I did still have to see three more Broadway shows (as per my 26 things to do before I turn 26 list) and I am running out of time before my birthday.

NYC | All That I’m After, Is a Life Full of Laughter

Last Thursday, on our second official Hoboken Crew Ladies Night, the gals and I decided to take in a comedy show. This was partly inspired by the comedian who we encountered on our first official Ladies Night. He shall remain nameless, but I think it should be noted that on his official website, there are three images of him dancing back and forth like a metronome, and his events calendar was last updated in 2009.

NYC | Wicked Awesome

My dear friend, George, was able to get two tickets to “Wicked” through his work. He had already seen the show so he offered me the tickets to help me on my way to my 10 Broadway Shows goal that was on my 26 list. The only payment he asked for in exchange for these tickets was a shoutout in this here blog. Cue shoutout: THANKS GEORGE!

NYC | Walking in Memphis

A couple weeks ago, a few friends and I went to see the play “Memphis”. If you are keeping track (which I’m sure you are), this means I only have four more shows to see in order to cross this item off my “26 Things” list. Any recommendations? (No, not planning on seeing “Spiderman”.)