Summer Has Sprung

Guys. Unofficially, summer is here. It may not seem like it at this exact second I’m writing this because it looks disgusting out and I did get splashed with tons of what I imagine to be sewage water from an excessively large puddle on Canal Street while commuting home, but Memorial Day has come and gone.

NYC | Treat Every Week like it’s Shark Week

I sadly somehow haven’t seen my old roommate Nicole since we moved out of our old place in Hell’s Kitchen. I would have invited her to do her 28 Things suggestion with me, but I knew she wasn’t interested. She is not into having water from the Hudson River hit her in the face, but didn’t seem to mind suggesting it to me.

NYC | A Bridge Grows in Brooklyn

One of the most essential “to-dos” in NYC is to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Whenever someone asks me what they should do with friends or family from out-of-town, I always suggest this as an activity. One of the first times Aubrey came to visit me (before she was a New Yorker herself), we walked across the bridge on a beautiful day in March.

NYC | I Want to Ride my Bicycle

On Sunday, while sitting outside having brunch, my friend kept saying that he wanted to ride bikes. It was so beautiful outside. I kept just giggling about the image of us on bicycles after a 14-year hiatus. I was kind of taking his suggestion as a joke, but he kept insisting on it and I realized he was actually serious.