Charleston, SC | A Ghost Tour of the Old Charleston Jail {or} “Jailhouse Shock”

I was thrilled that a few of my frousins wanted to go to Charleston with me over MLK weekend and, even better, that they agreed to partake in a ghost tour while there. We had a number of choices, but decided on a Bulldog Tour of the Charleston Jail – which happened to be at night, and happened to be a situation where we’d basically be trapped inside with the spirits. Good thing I didn’t think about this too much beforehand, or I may not have gone.

New Orleans, LA | A Strange, True Tour of St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 {or} “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”

When I went to New Orleans last month, the only thing on the schedule aside from eating our faces off was a cemetery tour with Strange True Tours. Jeffrey, the owner of the tour company, was our guide for about an hour and a half of the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, a Catholic above-ground cemetery near the St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest continuously operating Catholic parish in America.

NYC | A Nightmare in the West Village

As I summarized in this post two autumns ago, I normally HATE being scared. But despite this, I’ve always been interested in paranormal stories of ghosts and aliens, even writing a research paper in high school on supposed UFO encounters (I never claimed to be cool). It’s almost as if *because* I’m so scared that I’m even more interested in learning about these things. Or maybe I just *think* that I hate being scared but I actually enjoy it. This is all making my brain hurt a little.

NYC | Something Evil’s Lurking in the Dark

I am one of those people who says she doesn’t like Halloween. Everyone is always surprised when they learn that, inflating my ego with cries of “but you’re so creative!” I think there are two reasons behind this statement: