NYC | Keeping Up

I’m kind of embarrassed to write this next post. You guys know I have a thing for seeing and taking pictures of celebrities. I equate it to wanting your own picture of Machu Picchu or one of you with the Great Pyramids. But I can’t really compare Kim Kardashian and DJ Pauly D to wonders of the world.

NYC | Justified

If you told fourteen-year-old Erin that she would attend two free intimate Justin Timberlake concerts in one week and end up talking to some of his buddies about him, she probably wouldn’t have believed you. She might have posted a section about it on her *N Sync website (which is still online and which you will NEVER find – go ahead, try) and stared at her four closet doors plastered with posters of him and the other *N Sync members for hours, trying to imagine what it would be like, if ever the moment were to actually come.

NYC | I’ll Follow You Until You Love Me

This week, I pretty much should have worked for US Weekly. I don’t know why, but I was stalking stars all over the place. And like I talked about in my Gossip Girl post, I am *sooooooo* not a cool New Yorker when it comes to celebs and I really don’t care.

NYC | The Man, The Myth, The Legend

When I heard that President Obama was going to be at Ground Zero on Thursday, I decided I was going to do everything I could to see if I could catch a glimpse during my lunch break since I work only a ten-minute walk north of WTC. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to super-close, but I wanted to try my best because I felt this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

NYC | Many Leatherbound Books & Rich Mahogany

Since I work in TriBeCa, I have become excited about The TriBeCa Film Festival the last two years. Not necessarily because of the films (I have a really short attention span and basically watch three movies a year), but because of the celebrity sighting potential (as I mentioned here, I am not a cool New Yorker when it comes to this).

NYC | xoxo Gossip Girl

The weather hasn’t really been that nice in NYC but that has not stopped me from putting away my winter coats and donning my *bright* blue trench which I am in lurve with. Girls usually compliment me by saying they love it, and boys usually compliment (?) me by saying it is really bright and giving me a weird look. I then proceed to brag about how it inspired a look on Gossip Girl.