India | The Nandi Hills are Alive

When I first arrived in India, my jetlag was so bad that I was waking up every morning at 3 AM. That would have been a good time to visit Nandi Hills for sunrise, instead of two weeks after, when my body had adjusted to the right timezone. But alas, I woke up for sunrise anyway that November morning, as a car was waiting for us at 5 – but yes, you know where this goes, as all early morning adventures are, it was worth it.

Maui, HI | Here Comes the Sun

I’m no stranger to *staying* up until 3 am, but I am definitely not used to *waking* up at 3 am. But when you travel, you’re supposed to do things that you normally don’t do, and I don’t normally get to say, “Good Morning,” to the sun while standing on top of a volcano.