NYC | Truth or Urban Dare?

Last fall, as I mentioned here, Emily and I *dominated* the Hoboken Amazing Race. This year, we took it to the big leagues and signed up for a similar scavenger-type race in the Big Apple, Urban Dare. This time, we did *not* dominate, as there were 250 teams and a lot more area to cover. We actually didn’t even get close. We have a feeling that the team that ended up winning either cheated or knew the bus system really well. Unfortunately, the only bus I am good at is the one that stops directly in front of my building, so Emily and I walked/ran a little too far between most of the clues.

NYC | Walking in Memphis

A couple weeks ago, a few friends and I went to see the play “Memphis”. If you are keeping track (which I’m sure you are), this means I only have four more shows to see in order to cross this item off my “26 Things” list. Any recommendations? (No, not planning on seeing “Spiderman”.)

NYC | Happy 2011!!

Happy New Year! Here are some views of Times Square around noon yesterday. Yes, I was crazy / curious enough to check it out, thinking it might not be so bad 12 hours in advance of the holiday. No worries, I didn’t start any fights with the millions of slow-moving, annoying, loud tourists.

NYC | Gettin’ a Lil Tired of your Broken Promises, Promises

One of the things on my 26 things to do before I turn 26 list is “see ten Broadway shows”. It’s really more “take advantage of your proximity to the Theatre District” but I felt like I needed to quantify that item before I could cross it off. This year, I have seen:
“Lend Me a Tenor”
“Hair” with Emily
“Mary Poppins” with the ‘rents and sister
“Billy Elliot” with Nicole and her cousins

NYC | Sing Us a Song

My friends and I have decided that the new Friday night is at Sweet Caroline’s Dueling Piano Bar in Times Square (46th bt 6th & 7th Avenues). Two piano players and one drum player perform song requests from tourists (and the occasional New Yorker). The song slip tells them what you want to hear, the amount of money you give with the song slip tells them how badly you want to hear it…and if you don’t like a song they are playing, you can request a new one with a higher bid. The first time Mendy and I went to Sweet Caroline’s, we were apparently in the wrong crowd with the lowest payments for songs being $20. This time, people were requesting songs for $2, so we were actually able to participate (and, in some cases, dominate).

NYC | A Pop Tart by Any Other Name…

Today, Nicole, Dave, and I decided to go to Pop Tarts World in Times Square. Yes, you read that correctly. Someone, somewhere, thought this was a good idea. The store is located on 42nd, in between Broadway and 6th.