NYC | America’s Next Top Model

I’ve had a little bit of modeling experience in my life. My dad’s newspaper was always looking for cute kids to illustrate stories about the first day of kindergarten and the 100th birthday of peanut butter, so my stage parents put us in the paper a lot. Check it – I’m the one with the sweet pigtails.

NYC | Well I Got this Guitar, and I Learned How to Make It Talk

I have always thought it would be really fun to be a musician. Unfortunately, age 10 Erin didn’t want to practice piano anymore and age 11 Erin didn’t like the clarinet. So one of the items on my 26 list that I was most excited about was “learn a song on the guitar.” When I moved to the NYC area, I took the guitar my dad bought from our neighbor 10 years ago and said, “I’m taking this.” I had these visions in my head of me playing in the park with my friends, carrying my guitar through the subway, maybe even me sitting in a recording studio.