NYC | Meals on Wheels

Most items on my 28 Things have been one-timers, things that, once finally scheduled with the people who have been dying to do them with me, only take a few hours. This list item was more of a challenge than that. Emily suggested that I eat food trucks for the entire weekend – three meals a day, each day of the weekend, only from food trucks, but because Emily knows me so well, I was allowed to supplement with late night cheese fries if I found it necessary to do so (which I did on Saturday night). Challenge accepted.

NYC | New Yorkers vs. Sandy

When I discovered that I finally had power in my apartment on Saturday morning, I moved back to my place and took a long walk around my neighborhood. I wandered down to 19th and Broadway and found this amazing display of Post-It notes in the windows of Fishs Eddy.

NYC | The Fastest Way to get Bed Bugs

When Nicole and I moved in together in August we discussed how important it was to make sure we did not have any uninvited guests like rodents, Bronx Zoo cobras, or bed bugs. Therefore, instead of actually *participating* in today’s NYC Pillow Fight Day 2011 in Union Square, I just watched from behind the barrier.