India | Reaching for New Heights in 2017

When I woke up at 3 am on my final morning during #escape2goa in Goa, India to drive to a field a few naps away, I did it to take pictures of the other bloggers. Taking a hot air balloon ride didn’t seem like my thing. It’s an activity that feels kind of “luxury” to me, and because of that, not something I’d normally spend money on. That’s true, but the main reason, I’ll admit, is that I was just too scared to fall.

Florence, Italy | It’s All About the Climb

Although I have a slight fear of heights sometimes (like on top of an elephant or while jumping from a boat – what is wrong with me?!), I always look out for a high point in a new city to experience it from above – to identify what I’ve already been to and where I still need to go, to compare it to the map I’ve been studying, to have my breath taken away by the views (and in some cases, by the climb up to the views).

Thailand | Two Perfect Days in Phuket – Day 2

As incredible as our first tour with Phuket Sail Tours was, I think the next day was even better. This is probably because it involved two of my new favorite things, 1) animal experiences, and 2) doing things I didn’t think I could do.

Thailand | Two Perfect Days in Phuket – Day 1

One of the main reasons to go to Thailand (aside from elephants and temples) is of course the beautiful beaches of the south. Katie and I are total beach babes so we wanted to take time to relax on the beaches of Thailand. We went to Karón in Phuket and spent two days basically just relaxing and reading and enjoying the sunsets. But we decided to be more active (or active in general), the next two days. We took two speedboat tours with Phuket Sails Tours in order to easily tour some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

South America | Study Abroad Memories

As I get ready for my trip to a new continent (Asia) in January, I’m been thinking a lot about my last new continent, South America. I created the Facebook group for my study abroad trip my Sophomore year of college and called it “South America Kicked Our A**es”.

NYC | Sitting on Top of the World

The Empire State Building is clearly one of the top symbols people associate with New York, right up there with The Statue. I have been talking for years about how as a connoisseur of all things NYC, I’m embarrassed I haven’t been yet, but I’ve always thought since it is so quintessentially New York, it should be a special occasion of sorts.

Summer 2011 Recap

When I am bored on the subway, I do one of three things: play Angry Birds, eavesdrop on tourists’ conversations, or go through my photos on my iPhone or my camera. I recently realized there were so many pictures from this summer that I hadn’t shared with you guys (does anyone still read this?) that might not be worthy of their own complete blog entry, so I decided I am going to do a seasonal download of these random pictures that I think are worth remembering.