NYC | Chasing Down Some Cheap Eats

Sometimes I have an obsessive personality. In 7th grade, it was Beanie Babies. In 9th grade, it was ‘N Sync. So far this month, it has been the New York Magazine Cheap Eats issue. I’m talking OBSESSED. As in, I may have made my own spreadsheet with categories of Borough, ‘Hood, Cuisine, and what the magazine suggested to order there. If you are nice to me, maybe I will share, if you then promise to go to one (or several) of the establishments with me.

NYC | You’ll Have a Gay Old Time

I’ve been dying to try out Big Gay Ice Cream for years but the moment was never right whenever I walked by. The moment *was* right on Monday. Aubrey, Emmy, and I celebrated Aubrey’s birthday at the West Village shop at Grove & 7th Ave – the original location is in the East Village on 7th St between 1st & A. When I arrived, I attempted to convince a French bulldog owner who was leaving to stay for a few minutes to surprise Aubrey, but the arrangement didn’t work out. What *did* work out was the ice cream situation I had in my hand minutes later.

Global Bites without the Flights | Brazilian at Berimbau

Last week, I asked a friend to join me on my next Global Bites without the Flights. When asked where he wanted to travel to, this friend suggested Rio. I spent a weekend in Brazil when I studied abroad in college but we traveled to Iguazú Falls instead of Rio de Janeiro. I highly recommend catching these waterfalls if you find yourself in South America. They are absolutely breathtaking.

NYC | A Nightmare in the West Village

As I summarized in this post two autumns ago, I normally HATE being scared. But despite this, I’ve always been interested in paranormal stories of ghosts and aliens, even writing a research paper in high school on supposed UFO encounters (I never claimed to be cool). It’s almost as if *because* I’m so scared that I’m even more interested in learning about these things. Or maybe I just *think* that I hate being scared but I actually enjoy it. This is all making my brain hurt a little.

NYC | Marie’s Crisis Cafe, You’re the Top

Now that summer is winding down, the nights of drinking on boats are coming to an end. My friends and I have decided this fall that instead of going to whatever bar has the cheapest happy hour specials, we are going to finally explore NYC’s most historic bars. This idea was sparked with a trip to McSorley’s earlier this month and brought a few of us to Marie’s Crisis Cafe in the West Village last week.

NYC | Village People

I’ve been called a West Village wannabe for a few months now. I can’t help it. The West Village is my current dream world. I can’t stop thinking about living there one day. I don’t think I’ll be able to swing it with my next move, but perhaps with the next one I can get a nice brownstone townhouse on Commerce Street and live my days walking the quiet streets, wandering into small book stores, going to poetry readings, and eating at the 9,000 cupcake and gelato shops there.

NYC | Something Evil’s Lurking in the Dark

I am one of those people who says she doesn’t like Halloween. Everyone is always surprised when they learn that, inflating my ego with cries of “but you’re so creative!” I think there are two reasons behind this statement:

NYC | Cake & Shake it a Baby Now, Shake it a Baby

Basically the first thing people learn about me is that I really, really, really like cupcakes. Multiple people have recommended that I be a cupcake for Halloween (this was not the winning costume decision). Some of my favorite things to do in NYC are to: try out new cupcake places, eat cupcakes, talk about cupcakes, make cupcakes, bathe in cupcakes, etc. Therefore, I have decided I should share my favorite cupcake places with my readers (aka Mom & George) so that you all know where to go when you need to suck up to me / apologize to me.

NYC | The Best Cure for a Hangover…Brunch

Since I’ve moved to my new apartment, I’ve actually only been to brunch (gasp) twice. Before you shun me and say I am not a real New Yorker, please understand that I was out of town a few weekends early on and the rest of the weekends I have eaten my own homemade just-add-water Bisquick pancakes. They are pretty legit, I will not lie, but the past two Sundays I have ventured out and treated myself to some even more glorious eats.