A New Look for the New Year

Hi! If you’re reading this, it means you’ve probably made your way over from my old website, a hell LOVE a town, which I’ve had since October 2010. It started out as a blog about my adventures in New York City, but as I’ve been traveling more and writing more about these travels, this name just didn’t fit anymore. Lately my life has been so much more about travel than NYC and I wanted a name to reflect that.

150323_erin__0043 (2)

My new name is a nod to one of my favorite singers, but also means a lot to me personally – “10 Miles Behind Me, and 10,000 More to Go.” This might sound familiar to you, as it’s a lyric from James Taylor’s, Sweet Baby James. To keep it sweet and simple, I’ll officially be going by “10 Miles Behind Me.”

The full lyric was my senior yearbook quote. I knew that far better things were waiting for me than I’d experienced in my first 18 years. While the last 12 (WOW) years since high school have been full of wonderful, emotional, challenging, and beautiful experiences, I am still of the mindset that even better things lie ahead for this girl. Maybe 10,000 miles worth of them.

I’ve also wanted to make some changes to the host and look for a while. I’m not finished, so please bear with me during this transition. There are 5 years of posts to move over, format, edit exes out of, check the links of, etc. It’s a work in progress, but so am I, so you are probably used to that.

Along with a change in the blog name, I’m going to try to commit more! What does that mean? Posting more regularly, being more active on Social Media, and putting myself out in the travel world more.

Not only will 2016 be a big year for my blog, it’s going to be a huge one for me, personally. I can’t get into it all yet, but I am SO EXCITED about the possibilities of this year and beyond.

If you’re new, welcome! If you’ve followed me forever, thank you for your continued support!

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