NYC | Christmastime in the City

I’ve typically been a little behind when it comes to Christmas. I hope my family is okay with gifts purchased from Port Authority on Monday night right before I head home. But while my Charlie Brown tree may remain undecorated, my cards unstamped, and the second half of “It’s a Wonderful Life” unwatched, at least I was able to get into the Christmas spirit a little by just walking around the streets of Manhattan this weekend with a friend.

We saw the tree in the New York Public Library lobby and the lions, Patience and Fortitude, decked out in wreaths:


We marveled (and drolled) at the NYC scenes in the City Harvest Gingerbread competition at Le Parker Meridian (check out 2010’s here):

We climbed on benches and sneaked behind barriers to get a better view than the boring rule-followers at the Rockefeller Center tree:


We maneuvered through the crowds and the scaffolding to see the nativity scene in St. Patrick’s cathedral.


We counted and giggled at falling ice skaters at Bryant Park and hid under the tree to try to scare people.


If giggling at people and scaring them isn’t getting into the Christmas spirit, I don’t know what is.


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