A 2015 Resolution, a Few Weeks Late

My to-do list in life is quite long. My to-not-do list is quite short and only includes things that I’m terrified of (like jumping out of planes or spending the entire night alone in a haunted house).

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may be familiar with the lists I made from when I was ages 24 to 28 – “25 Things to Do Before 25,” etc. It was my 28 Things List that stopped this tradition. In prior years, I’d just made the list and however many I accomplished was sufficient. But my 28 List was strict. I had to do all 28. I became stressed out about completing it, even though I was definitely the only person who cared.

I haven’t held myself to many deadlines in my personal life since then. This has overall been a good thing because I am certainly less stressed out, but I also *do* like holding myself to these types of goals, as it means things actually happen.

Therefore, in 2015, I have resolved to explore 15 areas of the world where I’ve never been. Unfortunately, this can’t mean 15 different countries since I still have a career and limited vacation days. The goal to me means 15 different cities, towns, countrysides, and planets, to name a few options.

One thing I like about this goal is that it is 100% doable. Over MLK weekend, I explored Charleston, South Carolina, with some of my favorite frousins. I’ve also just booked flights for a trip in March with my family – which will definitely include Lisbon and Porto in Portugal and Madrid, Granada, and Barcelona in Spain. It has the potential to include additional day trips to Sintra, Portugal and Toledo, Spain. I’ll essentially be halfway.

#1 – Charleston!

This goal will get me out there in this gigantic world, exploring even more than I have in the past few years. It will help me obtain more stamps on my passport, which is another promise I’ve made to myself, although without a specific number of stamps in mind.

The questions now are where to travel to for the rest of the year? To where should I first travel as I enter my thirties? Should I consider making two Eurotrips within a few months of each other? Should I finally go to Africa or Australia?

Even though I have given myself a deadline of December 31st, there is zero stress here. This is pure excitement.


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