NYC | Angel is in the Outfield

I never really followed any sports on television, the main reason being my short attention span, but I really like going to sports games in person. I’m supposed to like Philly sports since I’m from South Jersey, but for reasons I will not disclose here, I personally try to avoid everything about Philadelphia except for Ben Franklin and cheesesteaks. I actually got glared at on the beach this summer at home for wearing my Mets hat…

This summer I went to a handful of ball games. Aside from actually watching baseball, here are a few of my favorite things about being at the New York stadiums.

  • Going to my first Yankee game with my then future roomie on the first day of me being 25, successfully crossing off one of the 26 things to do on my list before turning 26 the earliest day possible.  
  • Garlic fries at Yankee Stadium and Shake Shack at Citi Field.
  • Waiting for a rain delay for two hours and watching a friend fall asleep on the stairs right inside the stadium.
  • Torturing Shane Victorino when the Mets played the Phillies in May.  His wife’s name is Melissa, in case anyone else wants to yell things at him.
  • Watching a friend get on the big screen and get thisclose to catching a ball thrown by Angel (in the Outfield) .
  • Gorgeous sunsets.


  • Catching an extra-large t-shirt that I will never wear from the t-shirt gun at Citi Field.
  • Never going to our seats and always sitting in a way better section than what we paid for.
  • Watching two friends get escorted out of Citi Field during the last game of the season for not successfully sneaking back into the section we were sitting in instead of our own.
  • Tailgating at Citi Field and fitting our 6’5″ friend into the trunk of a coupe to see if he could get out.
  • Cotton candy photoshoots. 

Can’t wait for April!


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